LO. 11. Adapt recorded music performances into new audio assets.

For this LO, i decided to create a new audio asset from a previously recorded session of the recycled instruments I had made for the Project #9 – Sound Installation.

In the protools session I took a sample of the lager phone and placed it in a new track. I then proceeded to open it and label it as the new audio asset.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 2.37.27 pm

It was my intention to reverse the sonic quality of the sampled track and then add a reverb effect to it, so that a completely new sound spectrum signal would be created

LO11. Audiosuite Dverb

LO11. Audiosuite Dverb

By choosing Audiosuite from the command list in Protools and selecting DVERB, i proceeded to apply the DVERB onto the selected audio samples. After critically listening to the sound quality and the audio through selecting the ‘reverse’ application and then ‘rendering’ the sample, I was then comfortable with the outcome of adapting recorded music performance into a new audio asset

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 2.33.57 pm


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