LO.12. Repair Audio signals to improve sound quality

For this learning outcome, i took two samples out of the recordings that I made in the Audient studio through an AKG C414 ribbon microphone and Shure SM57 dynamic microphone. I recorded an arrangement of xylophone, lager-phone, cajon, and panpipes.

I took a portion of the recordings as sampled assets to tidie  and improve the quality of the recording (i.e reduce background hum) samples through putting them into a track labeled ‘repair track’ at the bottom of the protools session and then i used the plugin – Izotope RX Denoiser to filter out the unwanted background hum in the mix.

Setup Denoise

Setup Denoise

Through this process, i managed to clean up and improve on some lager-phone beats taken from the recordings

iZotope Denoiser

iZotope Denoiser

My aim was to rectify the sample performance by improving on the clarity of the sound image by using the RX Denoiser. The use of the denoiser allowed me to observe and critically listen to some unwanted background hum in between the beat

noisy lager phone with no processing on it –

cleaned up/ processed lager phone signal –


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