LO.1 Mix sound assets in surround sound

Mixing in Surround –

Runstein and Huber explain (2010, p559) that “any device having a number of multiple bus consoles (typically having eight or more buses) can be used to create a surround-sound mix, but the important question of the day is this: How easily can signals be routed, panned and affected in a surround environment to create a 5.1 mix without going nuts with frustration? Whether we’re working in an analog hardware, digital hardware or DAW “in the box” mixing environment, the ability to pan mono or stereo sources into a surround soundscape, place effects in the 5.1 scape and monitor multiple output formats without difficulty can make the difference between a difficult, compromised mix and one that lifts your spirits.” (p.559, Modern Recording techniques)

For this LO, I opened a copy of the Blue Lotus into a 5.1 surround sound design session and then I created some 5.1 buses and set the outputs in the I/O setup as 5.1 speaker outputs.

I then followed through to begin the manipulation and adjustments of the surround panners in pro tools to acquire the  surround preferences and placement of the instruments through panning and balancing the surround mix.  I then proceeded to bounce a copy after panning and balancing  the mix in surround sound to my taste. Then finally, i proceeded to add a surround sound reverb to widen the sound spectrum/image and create a further depth to the overall mix. By doing this i think it smoothed out the transients that made the mix sound rough and dull. I also EQ’d a little bit of the mid/ high mids which smoothed it a bit  with Protools channel strip and the added a slight compression on it through the BF-76 which added to smoothing out the surround reverb.


5.1 Processing

5.1 Processing


5.1 Panning instrument arrangement

5.1 Panning
instrument arrangement


5.1 PRINT track recording

5.1 PRINT track recording

see  5.1 surround mix in student google drive for listening. 



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